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Connect with your Yoni.Our natural herbal blend of Yoni Steams helpcleanse, tone, and revitalize the womb andwomen’s reproduction. Have you tried Yoni Steaming? Helps with….Heavy or irregular menstruationHemorrhoidsReproductive system after giving birthBacterial infectionBalance PhYeast infection/Bacterial infectionHeal c-section scarsIncrease libidoVaginal drynessVaginal odorEndometriosisFibroids/cystsFertility Herbal blend – ingredients: OrganicRaspberry Leaf, Red Clover Tops,...
Herbal Canna Flower Blend :
Herbal blend :
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Connect with your Yoni.
Our natural herbal blend of Yoni Steams help
cleanse, tone, and revitalize the womb and
women’s reproduction.

Have you tried Yoni Steaming?

Helps with….
Heavy or irregular menstruation
Reproductive system after giving birth
Bacterial infection
Balance Ph
Yeast infection/Bacterial infection
Heal c-section scars
Increase libido
Vaginal dryness
Vaginal odor

Herbal blend – ingredients: Organic
Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover Tops, Dandelion, Rose
Petals, Cinnamon Bark, Red Sandalwood, Cloves,
Ginger Root, Orange Peel, Olive Leaf, Nettle,
Uva Ursi, Wild Yam, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai.

Herbal Canna Flower Blend – Raspberry Leaf,
Red Clover, Wild Yam, Nettle, Cannabis Flower,
Lavender, Jasmine, Holy Basil (Tulsi), and
Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex), Olive Leaf. And Mint


2 steams for 20.00 or 4 steams for 40.00

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